Caroline Kampfraath

eingeladen von Laura Sebestyén

Education: 1979-86 Study of Law at University of Groningen, 1979-87 Drawing and graphic techniques at Erik Vos, Groningen, 1986-89 Wackers Academy of Arts, Amsterdam, 1988-89 Education working in marble in Pietrasanta, Italy. Work experience: 1990-93 Private sculpting teacher, 1990-00 Teacher of Sculpting, Anatomy and Drawing, Wackers Academy of Arts, Amsterdam, 1996-02 Partner with “Ateliers op Locatie” (Studio on location), in-company art training sessions a.o. Moret Ernst and Young, Reed Elsevier, City Council of Amsterdam, 2002-today Creative workshops for companies, 2002-today Teacher of sculpting and working in stone at the Gooise Academy, Laren, 1990-today Shows in The Netherlands and abroad; commissions for individuals and companies.

Ineluctable  ·  ceramic plaster and flax

boy  ·  ceramic plaster  ·  50 × 50 × 200 cm

a day in the woods  ·  metal and wax  ·  200 × 45 × 210 cm

lungs  ·  wool, bronze and wood  ·  140 × 50 × 50 cm

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